10 Best Useless Websites to Waste Time on When You’ve Got Nothing Better To Do


We all have those moments when boredom strikes. You’ve scrolled through social media endlessly, tidied your sock drawer for the third time this week, and even the most mindless TV show seems like an effort. Fear not, weary internet traveler! For in this brave new world of hyperconnectivity, there exists a haven for the utterly pointless – useless websites. Here’s a curated list of 10 fantastically pointless websites to keep you mildly entertained when all else fails:

Pointer Pointer

Ever feel like you’re being watched? On Pointer Pointer, a series of disembodied hands will point directly at your cursor in a strangely unsettling, yet oddly captivating way.


Feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of purpose the internet offers? Dive into TheUselessWeb, a website dedicated to collecting links to the most pointless corners of the web. It’s like a meta-useless website!

A Million Monkeys Typing Shakespeare

This website simulates a million monkeys randomly typing on keyboards. The question it asks: will they eventually produce the complete works of Shakespeare? The answer (so far): not likely, but endlessly fascinating to watch.

Does the Narwhal Bacon?

A simple question with a surprisingly complex answer. Dive down the rabbit hole of internet lore and philosophical debate surrounding the existence of Narwhal Bacon (it’s not real, but the memes are).

The Cat Bounce Game

This website is exactly what it sounds like – a cartoon cat bouncing endlessly on a trampoline. Utterly pointless, yet strangely relaxing to watch as the cat defies the laws of physics in its perpetual bounce.

Paper Toilet

Ever dream of having an endless supply of toilet paper to virtually unwind with? Paper Toilet allows you to do just that! Click and watch the virtual roll unwind endlessly, a strangely cathartic experience.

The Zen Zone

Feeling stressed? Escape to The Zen Zone, a website filled with calming sounds and serene landscapes. Meditate on a virtual waterfall or listen to the gentle sounds of rain, all without leaving your desk chair.

Click on the Milk

This website presents you with a single instruction: Click on the Milk. Clicking does nothing, but the sheer absurdity of the request and the internet’s obsession with pointless clicks makes it strangely compelling.

Sell My Heart to You

Feeling particularly dramatic? This website allows you to metaphorically sell your heart to a stranger online. While nothing actually happens, it’s a fun way to express your boredom (or test the internet’s weirdness).


So, the next time boredom rears its ugly head, take a break from the real world and explore the wonderfully pointless corners of the internet.  Remember, sometimes, a good waste of time is exactly what you need.


Are these websites a safe way to waste time?

Generally, yes. Most of these websites are harmless fun. However, be cautious of any website that asks for personal information or seems suspicious.

Won’t I just get more bored?

Maybe! But sometimes, a little mindless entertainment can be a good way to recharge and come back to your tasks feeling refreshed.

Is there a point to any of this?

Probably not. But hey, isn’t that the beauty of it?

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