Blazing Back: Unveiling Fire Force Season 3 – What We Know So Far

fire force season 3

The fiery adventures of Shinra Kusakabe and Company in “Fire Force” captivated audiences for two seasons, leaving them yearning for more. While an official release date for season 3 remains elusive, here’s what we can glean about the upcoming season based on available information.

The Smoldering Hiatus: Unveiling the Delay

Season 2 of Fire Force concluded in December 2020, leaving fans eagerly awaiting news of the next installment. The delay in the official announcement of season 3’s release date can be attributed to several factors:

  • Production Schedule: Producing high-quality animation for action-packed series like Fire Force can be time-consuming, requiring meticulous attention to detail.
  • Studio Transition: Rumors suggest a potential shift from animation studio David Production (seasons 1 and 2) to Studio Shaft for season 3. This transition might necessitate adjustments to the production pipeline, potentially impacting the release timeframe.

A Glimmer of Hope: Anticipating the Release Date Announcement

While an exact release date remains unconfirmed, there are some hopeful signs:

  • Official Confirmation: In May 2022, the official Fire Force Twitter account confirmed that season 3 is in development.
  • Production Status: A year later, in May 2023, the Japanese Twitter account announced that production had officially begun.

Based on these developments, speculations suggest a potential release sometime in summer 2024 at the earliest. However, it’s important to manage expectations and wait for an official announcement from the production team.

The Infernal Squad Returns: A Look at the Cast

The core cast of Fire Force is expected to reprise their roles in season 3, including:

  • David Matranga as Shinra Kusakabe (English)
  • Gakuto Kajiwara as Shinra Kusakabe (Japanese)
  • Monica Rial as Akitaru Ōbi (English) ** Katsuyuki Konishi* as Akitaru Ōbi (Japanese)

Embers of the Plot: Exploring the Anticipated Storyline

Season 3 is expected to pick up where season 2 left off, delving deeper into the ongoing conflict between the Special Fire Force Companies and the Evangelist organization. It might also explore:

  • The mysteries surrounding the Great Cataclysm: This event ignited the world and is central to the narrative’s core.
  • Shinra’s quest for the truth: As he uncovers his past and abilities, he might face even greater challenges.
  • The fate of Captain Obi: Fans were left hanging with Obi’s critical condition at the end of season 2. Season 3 might reveal his fate and its impact on the characters.


While the wait for Fire Force Season 3 continues, the confirmation of its development and production offers a spark of hope for fans. With the return of the beloved characters and the potential exploration of intriguing plotlines, season 3 promises to reignite the flames of excitement for the fiery world of Fire Force.


Is there a trailer available for Fire Force Season 3?

No official trailer has been released yet.

Where can I watch the previous seasons of Fire Force?

The first two seasons are available on various streaming platforms, including Funimation and Crunchyroll (availability may vary depending on region).

Will the story in Season 3 follow the manga?

The anime has generally followed the manga, but there might be some deviations or original content added for the anime adaptation.

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